Guide to making money from private plates


While investing in private number plates might seem like a weird investment, it actually has the potential to offer a high return on investment. What's really important to note about private number plates is that they are unique, and there is no chance of them being duplicated in the area they've been registered in until they are unregistered. These distinct plates have significantly increased in popularity over the past decade and more and more people are looking for their perfect plate. And this is where this investment proves its worth.


Perhaps you are looking for ways to fund your new business or just want a side hustle to earn an extra income. Investing in specific nameplates, or even low-digit dateless plates can provide you with an outstanding return on investment. Here, having a clear understanding of the market is crucial. Keeping track of the trends will help you to know which number plates will be profitable in the future.


For many people, the prospect of earning from home seems like the best thing ever. Buying and selling number plates is a unique side hustle with tremendous returns for your efforts.

Guide to making money from private plates


How to make money from private number plates

Buy low

Perhaps the most important advice in business is to always buy low and sell high. By purchasing cheap personalized registrations in bulk below market value, you have the best chance of making a significant return in the future. Target registration numbers that are likely to sell fast from Newreg.


For instance, popular initials containing interesting names and words will be much easier to sell. Seek out plates that do not replace a letter with a number, for example, "3" for "E" or "4" for "A". This is because more people will be looking for a more seamless plate that's easier to read. Also, vowel initials tend to be in much higher demand than less frequently used words like X,Y,V, or Z.


Where to find them

One of the cheapest ways to find private number plates is to purchase cars that already have a private plate on them. A registration that no longer bears significance to the buyer will sell for a cheaper price. Browse through the local paper, online paper, and the classifieds. You can also search for private numbers on online marketplaces.



DVLA auction

Alternatively, you can attend auctions, particularly the DVLA auction. The DVLA remains among the best places to find rare, in-demand private number plates. Each year, more than 1,500 plates are put on sale, some as wholesales and some as individuals. It should go without saying that purchasing in bulk is much more cost-effective. However, for the more interesting unreleased plates, you will need to buy them individually.


In these auctions, you will be able to find dateless registrations that read common names. DVLA auctions are held once every few months. Online auctions are also available, which make it more easier and convenient to participate in the auction regardless of where you are, saving you the cost of driving to and from the building.


Sell high

When looking to sell your private plate number, we suggest that you do so through a dealer. Just like a gold-selling service, the dealer will assess the price of your plate. They will consider the popularity of the name, the marks on the plate, as well as the previous selling prices.


The private plates can be sold assigned or separate from a vehicle. However, please note that if you are selling your car, you have to transfer the number off the registration, otherwise the person purchasing the vehicle will gain full rights to that registration. Typically, applications to retain registration numbers take up to 3 weeks. Thus, you will need to be prepared for this wait time when looking to sell the car.



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